Learning how to clean house and go paperless has never been easier. In the digital age, there’s no longer a need for cumbersome filing cabinets, messy desks, and mountainous stacks of paper.

But if you’re currently buried under piles of paper clutter, cleaning house can be frustrating and it can be overwhelming to know how to dig yourself out.

Not only do you have to clear the clutter you already have; you must implement systems to keep those paper stacks from coming back.

Luckily, it’s possible to completely clean house with nothing but a scanner, your smartphone, and a recycle bin. More »

You know that anxiety-provoking situation that arises every year. The clock is ticking until the tax deadline. With just a few weeks left until the filing date, you’re facing a mountain of receipts for taxes and wondering how to get them organized as quickly as possible.

Well, the good news is that, if you’re in that situation now – even if you haven’t started tax preparation yet – it’s possible to finish the process quickly, easily and accurately.

And if you’re not currently in that situation, then the good news is that you never have to end up in it again.

So what’s the secret to swift, painless taxes? More »

There used to be only one answer to the question “How do you scan a document?”: with a big, cumbersome, heavy scanner that was expensive and had to be physically connected to your desktop computer.

If you didn’t have the means to buy your own scanner and scan documents at home, you had to try and locate the nearest FedEx Office or print shop, drive there, and use your credit card to pay for each and every document you scanned.

Talk about the Stone Age!

So how do you scan a document in the 21st century? Like so many things in the digital age, the answer is whenever and wherever you want. More »