A 3-step Scanning Tutorial for Desktop, Mobile, and Mail-In Scanning

If you’ve been thinking of going paperless, and have been wondering “How do I scan a document?”, you’re in luck.Buried in Paper

There are 3 easy ways to digitize your documents – using a desktop scanner, using your smartphone, or using a mail-in service.

When you scan documents, all of your data becomes digitized and searchable on your computer or in the cloud. Once your documents have been scanned, you can recycle the hard copies, freeing up precious space in your home or office.

Here is how to scan a document using a desktop scanner, mobile phone, or mail-in service: More »

The scan to email process can shave hours off of your workweek by letting you digitize paper documents and instantly share them with the appropriate parties. Today, the scanning software that comes with your desktop scanner, travel scanner and smartphone makes this option easier than ever – in most cases, you can share your scan via email with a single click.

There are 3 main ways to scan documents and email them: More »

There used to be only one answer to the question “How do you scan a document?”: with a big, cumbersome, heavy scanner that was expensive and had to be physically connected to your desktop computer.

If you didn’t have the means to buy your own scanner and scan documents at home, you had to try and locate the nearest FedEx Office or print shop, drive there, and use your credit card to pay for each and every document you scanned.

Talk about the Stone Age!

So how do you scan a document in the 21st century? Like so many things in the digital age, the answer is whenever and wherever you want. More »