Trying to figure out how to keep a clean house?

There’s more to being clutter-free than the requisite sweeping and mopping. A truly clean house can only be achieved when you establish easy-to-follow systems that prevent the buildup of clutter and keep your home free of both dirt and distractions.

Here’s a proven 3-step system for preventing clutter before it starts and creating the kind of peaceful, organized house you’ve been dreaming about: More »

You know that anxiety-provoking situation that arises every year. The clock is ticking until the tax deadline. With just a few weeks left until the filing date, you’re facing a mountain of receipts for taxes and wondering how to get them organized as quickly as possible.

Well, the good news is that, if you’re in that situation now – even if you haven’t started tax preparation yet – it’s possible to finish the process quickly, easily and accurately.

And if you’re not currently in that situation, then the good news is that you never have to end up in it again.

So what’s the secret to swift, painless taxes? More »

A 3-step Scanning Tutorial for Desktop, Mobile, and Mail-In Scanning

If you’ve been thinking of going paperless, and have been wondering “How do I scan a document?”, you’re in luck.Buried in Paper

There are 3 easy ways to digitize your documents – using a desktop scanner, using your smartphone, or using a mail-in service.

When you scan documents, all of your data becomes digitized and searchable on your computer or in the cloud. Once your documents have been scanned, you can recycle the hard copies, freeing up precious space in your home or office.

Here is how to scan a document using a desktop scanner, mobile phone, or mail-in service: More »